Top Shelf Budz [Resin Figures] #1 Scout [LE49 Pieces] *Presale*

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Top Shelf Budz [Resin Figures] #1 Scout [LE49 Pieces] *Presale*

Do you consider yourself a weed connoisseur? Do you feel an itch to cross off every strain you hear about, like adding it to your collection? Do you feel satisfied when you FINALLY find that strain you've been searching near and far for? If you've answered YES to these questions, then we've got the perfect thing for you! Introducing..

CHRONIES: Top Shelf Budz [HIGH Quality Resin Figures] [*PROTOTYPE SHOWN*]
Series 1 x Wave 1 x #1 "Scout" [LE49]

These CHRONIES are the first of their kind, as NOTHING else exists like them on the market today! Series 1 features an extremely low piece count of ONLY 49 and even more RARE colorways! All this, while featuring the DESIGNER SERIES "HIDDEN STASH COLLECTION" which features 2 different colorways with a piece count of only 1 each!

Piece count x Colorway:

[20] x "Loud" [Radioactive Green]
[14] x "Glossed Over" [Translucent Royal Purple]
[8] x "Night Cap" [Glow in the dark Blue]
[5] x "Moon Rock" [Universe Glitter black/purple]
[1] x "Golden Nug" [Golden Flake] [HSC*]
[1] x "OG" [HAND PAINTED to look like the original character] [HSC*]

HSC* = Hidden Stash Collection. The Hidden Stash Collection have a colorway of only 1 each and will be placed in with the other blind boxed figures and will be shipped out at random! Good Luck!

Contents of each order:
1 x Scout Resin Figure [5.75" Tall] in Custom Packaging
1 x Numbered COA printed on an official Topps trading card
1 x Sticker

*Please note this is a PRESALE and orders will ship out on/before Oct. 16th*

More Pictures coming soon!!