about us

There's nothing better then twisting one up and burning it down with one of your fellow CHRONIES. That's why we believe "A good sesh is equally good for the soul", because relaxing with a fat blunt seems to bring out the best character in all of us... and you better believe, there's ALOT of different characters! Whether you're a grump until you hit the first pull of cheeba for the day or your a certified stoner just giggling throughout the day rest assured your CHRONIES counterpart is out there!


Founded in 2017, CHRONIES has quickly obtained a place in the culture of cannabis culture by staying true to the mission at hand. And our mission was simple: bring the characteristics out of the buds we all enjoy, and reimagine them into lifelike characters of themselves. No matter the personality, no matter the strain, every CHRONIE has character, and true connoisseurs know it!