Big Buddha [Pin x Series 2 x #1]

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Big Buddha [Pin x Series 2 x #1]

Have you ever been full of enlightenm koient and wisdom, right after getting in a zen like mode with your favorite strain? That's how Big Buddha [Inspired by Big Buddha Kush] is 24/7!

With his infinite stoner philosophy and off beat outlook, Big Buddha has a trademark smile that never ceases to stretch ear to ear. Add him to your collection now to make your day a little more righteous!

1.6 inches
Soft enamel
Double Post w/ Rubber backings stamp on the back

Big Buddha comes in a reusable smell proof black foil 3x4 bag

Available in:
Basic: [Full Color]
Top Shelf: Black & Gold
Top Shelf: Gold/Gold

**Please note: This is a Presale and Orders ship on Oct. 16th**